You may well wonder why to use and how to get started running social media for your campsite or glampsite? Let me explain….

The Role of Social Media

Social media gives you a free platform to raise your site’s profile. It enables you to post information and photos that will inform visitors about your site, resulting in them wishing to come and book their trip with you.

It’s all about Know, Like Trust. People need to know about you – know where you are? what you offer? do you sound like the place they might like to stay at? They need to like what you do, what you stand for and actually take a liking to you. Then they need to trust you, your messaging and your principles. This all can take a while.

By posting relevant information and engaging with questions and comments, you can position your campsite brand to attract your target audience to book to come and stay with you. One of the key rules about social media is that you must post regularly and engage with your audience online by commenting on other people’s posts and responding to questions about your own site.

How to do it? Sounds easy but in reality there’s a skill to doing this well…

  • You need to plan your content to avoid only sharing the same info ad infinitum,
  • You need to know what posts work best for your audience,
  • You need to know who and how to engage with,
  • You need to research and use hashtags that ensure your posts are discoverable,
  • You need to create a great Bio so that people know what you do
  • You need to research and find suitable accounts to potentially collaborate with (eg local pub, Tourist Board, national journalists)

Oh and learn to interpret the metrics so that you can see what works well and what doesn’t.

Instagram has over 30 million users in the UK, and 48% are aged between 25-44 which represent a key camping and glamping audience. Coupled with the fact that 36% of 18-34 year olds only search their holiday destinations on social media it will put you in front of a lot of people.

How to really succeed with social media?

Want some training? Here’s where I step in. I work with many UK based campsites and glampsites to train and support them on how to use social media for their site.

Take a bespoke course (it’s rather good!) For those who are just starting out, I have written an online social media course specifically aimed at campsite and glampsite owners. Check it out here. I was thrilled that CoolCamping has featured it in their newsletters this year. I also offer training sessions (currently online) bespoke to your individual needs.

Order a social media strategy? I love researching and writing social media strategies,(imagine a content plan, with relevant hashtags, and tips on engagement and a list of who to engage with – bespoke to your site) that you can easily implement, secure in the knowledge that you are following a clear and defined strategy

Let me run it! I also can run your sites’ social media platforms. By handing it all to me, you can happily get on with the important job of running your campsite and looking after your visitors, in the happy knowledge that I am looking after your social media presence. Please get in touch for a chat to see how I can support you.

What they say??


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