I am thrilled to announce my new online course “How you can use social media to grow your campsite or glamping business”

Having co-founded The Secret Campsite in 2012, I have a wealth of experience of using social media sucessfully in this industry. I have distilled all my learning into creating this course. I am thrilled to have it described by Cool Camping , the esteemed campers bible, as “A comprehensive course… always tailored with campsite and glamping site owners in mind”

Hosted online with Thinkific, an esteemed learning platform you will work through the Chapters at your own pace. The first chapter focusses on platform set up for Facebook and Instagram.We then focus heavily on your Content. This covers the what, the how, and the why. Creating lots of varied content is imperative to your social media success. Its important to think wide, but relevant, on this topic. Next you get introduced to a brand content pie!  Many people get floored by Hashtags, just what are they? We look at industry relevant ones and creating your own branded hashtag.

Having made numerous App purchases over the years, I have a list of preferred apps and timesaving tools to share with you. No more wasted purchases as you get my filtered list. Finally we look at making online and offline colllaborations. These can be incredibly sucessful. Finally I show you how to analyse your success via the Metrics chapter. Many shy away from metrics but if you are investing all this time (and time = money) then it must be cost and time effective.

The course has been well received by other camping and glamping site owners.

Read what James Strachan of Birds and Bees campsite in Suffolk says “100% recommend this amazing course. We know it will be incredibly useful for us and many other campsite owners. It’s terrific value for money. The course layout is colourful,fun and inviting which is especially important when there’s such a wealth of information to get into. The “step by step” details show you how to achieve a particular goal, meaning success is certain”

Social media can work brilliantly for campsites and glamping businesses. If you want to discuss this further then do get in touch with me,

Thanks Lisa