All Facebook ads marketeers wax lyrical about the ninja targetting availble within Facebook. The numbers speak for themselves. An awful lot of people use Facebook so chances are you will find plenty of relevant people to buy your product.

But how? It’s easy to just press the Boost button on a well performing Facebook post, and hope that Facebook will do what they say. Finding and setting up audiences is a lengthy process, and requires testing, testing, testing…

I saw a great article here on setting up Facebook audiences and it’s well worth a read.

Do get in touch if you would like to speak to me about setting up audiences for you. It’s complicated, fiddly and I love it. Be assured that I have been trained rather well, by the rather brilliant Emma van Heusen. So I can do a rather good job for you!

Top tip…Get the Facebook Pixel on your website ASAP read my blog to find out exactly what “it” is