When in Lockdown It’s vital to ensure that you have a social media strategy in place rather than randomly posting. Without a plan you will struggle to create good content & probably bore your followers. Harsh but true.

Same goes for companies selling online. Ensure that your website is user friendly. Does it actually make sense for visitors landing on it? Your website needs to be easily navigable and clear to follow. Visitors have short attention spans so be clear and concise with your messaging. It pays to get an expert to check it before you start investing in paid social, by which I mean Facebook advertising and Instagram advertsing.

Little known fact here but your adverts success will also be determined by how “congruent” Facebook thinks your Ad is to your website. So if you have a great ad campaign set up but Facebook thinks your website will disappoint the end user ( the person who has clicked through from your ad copy and landed on your website) then your ad campaign is off to a bad start.

So to make the most of your social media, get a plan in place and make sure the customer user experience on your website is a great one.

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