Up until a month ago I would have said no. But Facebook never stands still and it seems that hashtags are now the way to build reach on the platform. Or put simply, your posts may be seen by more of the right people who actively want to see them.

Which hashtags?

You can discover what hashtags are in use on Facebook by typing in the search bar on either desktop or moble app (Like Instagram). On the main mobile Facebook app, start typing desired hashtags and Facebook will make additional suggestions. Build up “content lists” of hashtags to personalise your posts. Use Instagrams rather brilliant hashtag research feature as Facebook doesn’t offer this feature yet.

How many hashtags?

As many as you want – but generally I would suggest between 3-5. Place them at the bottom of the post, and like Instagram I would place spaces to create clear line breaks too. You may want to look back at some of your best performing posts and add some hashtags in there. This will give the post a “bump” and it should get more visibility too.

Over to Facebook

Last word from Facebook here on how to use the. Always a good place to start!