Yes, we may still be in flip flops but it’s time to start planning for Christmas sales too!

The run up to Christmas is always a super busy time and brands that plan ahead will always do better. To run successful Facebook and Instagram campaigns requires lots of creative testing and then lots of time analysing that data. Not so easy to do if left to the last minute.


So plan ahead, think Pixels. Ensure your Facebook pixel is set up correctly and firing on all cylinders. Think about your audience targetting. Are you targetting your warm audiences?  Do you have a mailing list that you can use here to create a Custom Audience from? Get these assets working and in place now.

Free P&P?

Research your competitors, are they offering free P&P? Consumers have an aversion to paying for P&P and you are likely to lose sales quickly if you can’t reasonably factor this cost into your sales.


Do you have any great testimonials that you can use as Ad copy? We all know that consumers prefer to buy from brands they know and trust, but that takes time, so Testimonials are a great way to start building trust. This is known as “social proof” . Consumers react positively to well placed and non salesy copy.

2020 is going to look different for Christmas sales. With the ever present fear of further Lockdowns, being in a position to sell online will be make or break time for many small businesses. The older generation has dramatically shifted towards online grocery shopping and this will presumably affect their gift shopping for Christmas.

Make a plan now

So plan ahead now…expect that online sales will just get stronger, get your processes set up in place now, consider free P and P if possible, check that your sales to checkout process is simple. If it’s fiddly then you will lose the sale – customers are notoriously fickle and time poor. Get going ASAP. It’s an expensive time to run ads and it’s cheaper to do your testing process in October than in December.

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