I’m no Santa but I certainly put my Christmas Hat on this week as I have been writing a social media strategy for a new client, The Sussex Christmas Barn, who specialise in beautiful Christmas Decorations and freshly cut Christmas Trees.

Christmas is obviously a key shopping period to target and encourage visitors to the Christmas Barn but don’t forget other celebrations and activities that can be utilised for content planning and marketing too. We know about the big ones, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc but take a note of smaller relevant ones including Small Business Saturday (8 December)  and Green Monday ( second Monday in December). There’s a multitude of National Awareness Days, many of which will be totally irrelevant but do your research and you will come up with some hidden gems- in this case #national christmastreeday or #worldpoetryday.

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year to run Facebook and Instagram Ads but beware the prices will hike as everyone is trying to get their products in front of everyone out there. So make sure that your budget is reflective of this more expensive time of year and don’t leave your ad planning until too late in the day. FB Ads take a lot of testing, which will be time consuming but this stage is vital to ensure a good ROI. Spend time now planning how you can deliver your Christmas message- getting a good social media strategy written is a good place to start! – and think about what your audience really really wants to ensure that your messaging will resonate and you are at the top of their Christmas List.

Oh and don’t forget to work with a Facebook Ads strategist, this is someone who knows how to build good audiences, write great copy and spends a lot of time hearing and dissecting the gazillion FB updates so that you can get on with running your business and leave me to wear the Facebook Ad’s Christmas Hat! ….