I have been working with a new client over the last 2-3 months with the aim of driving traffic to their website to ultimately make an online purchase.

These ads have been really successful with a Link Click Through rate of nearly 5 % on a cold audience , versus an industry Key Performance Indicators of 1 % on a similar targeted “cold” audience.

Success. And success for a fairly modest ROI too.

The world of FB and Instagram Ads can be highly rewarding, but does require the skill set to build relevant and highly targeted audiences for your brand and understand how to optimise the Facebook algorithm so that it is actually batting for you – YES this is very achievable!

I work with small businesses to help them get the most out of their Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I do this in 3 ways. We can have a Zoom (or Skype) Power Hour call, or we can get together in person for a 1-2-1 or I can manage the whole strategic process for you.

Whichever option that you choose, rest assured that I been trained by one of the UK’s foremost Facebook Ad Strategists , Emma van Heusen – who was herself personally trained by Facebook.

I look forward to meeting you to see how I can help you grow your business with Facebook and Instagram ads.