I have been asked many times exactly what I do and so here goes..

Clue. It’s not SEO, it’s not building a website, it’s not about posting on Instagram…so what is it?

I plan Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns for clients who are looking to send traffic to their website, build brand awareness, gain new leads or other.




I will give you a simple example. A recent UK based client had recently launched and had some well established competition in the market. So my client, lets call them Bob, asked for help to grow their brand awareness and increase sales using Facebook and Instagram Ads. Bob had dabbled with some FB Ads before but with little success. Bob was after new customers, build trust in his brand and thus increase his customer base. The customers had to be the right people, who “got” the brand and were willing to invest in a premium priced product.

So we met to identify the potential client profiles, I set up all the systems that are required to run ADs ( sometimes an overly long process) and we decided on suitable potential images. I then tested some different audiences on Facebook to find these “right” people, I then drove the “right” people over to Bob’s website and was then able to build “lookalike” audiences (once we had over 100 fires on his Facebook pixel) that would allow Facebook to go and find more of these people.

As Bob was fairly new to the market, I wanted to get some trust and build customer loyalty. I ran Traffic Ads illustrating some of his positive testimonials and reviews that had been posted on his Facebook page. I then re targeted those who had engaged with these Facebook Ads and then clicked onto visited his Landing Page. Success was measured on a CTR of over 2 % on a cold audience ( industry stats use 1% as success) and relevancy scores attained.

So there you have it in a “Bob” nutshell. Bob was very happy with the results and we are now working together on phase 2 of his business.