All businesses are reeling with the current state of Lockdown. All are crossing fingers for news about tentative re-openings and the new normal.

Some businesses have embraced and conquered e-comm and to borrow a phrase “pivotted” online. But not all clients can easily move over to e-comm. And its especially hard for the hospitality sector.

I have been working with a fantastic events based hospitality client, whose summer calendar is certainly all cancelled. We have focusing our efforts on keeping our customers “warm” via regular newsletters, fortnightly blogs and a steady stream of light-hearted and business focused engaging social media posts. For those in a similar position, identifying and then spending a few hours each day working on getting systems up to scratch is a great time investment. Making sure that your social posts are providing an interesting mix of content and that you are speaking to your customers is a crucial part of the social media jigsaw. No-one likes being continuously sold to ( think the bore at the party who you politely elude and don’t engage with as life’s short!) .

Following this re-organisation and refocus we have identified some key areas to address. Taking advantage of the amazing weather and with some careful social distancing, we took some wonderful photographs that will form part of a regional awards entry. These photos, new subscribers and new followers on our social channels are all part of a planned digital strategy to ensure that we are still engaging with our customers, have interesting new images and ideas to present and are keeping our lines of communication open.

Don’t get me wrong I am itching to get started with planning and implementing some great tactical Instagram and Facebook ads for them but right now we are adapting to confinement and are looking forward to being face to face with our customers again, soon.